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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Angels of Children


About the Author:
My name is Kendra Berni and I'm so excited to tell you about my new book series called Angels of Children. I am a typical wife, mother, daughter, and sister who had countless prayer sessions with God due to negative childhood experiences.  With prayer, I was able to overcome numerous abusive situations, because I believed God was my only hope.  In addition to prayer, I learned to love books as I escaped the reality of family problems.  I dreamed of the day I could start a family of my own and vowed to rear my children in a loving and caring manner.  With the grace of God, I have accomplished this. My husband and I are the proud parents of two grown children.  As an adult, I earned an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education and proceeded to teach preschool. Nonetheless, I realize many children’s lifestyles are similar to my upbringing and feel the need to encourage them to keep their faith in God.  This book is to motivate children to pray whether good or bad situations arise.  In turn, a close relationship will develop and continue with God Almighty.
About my Book:
I have written three books of a series of books called Angels of Children. I woke up in the middle of the night one night in December 2011 with the idea to write a children’s book to motivate children to pray and why prayer is so important.  After a month of researching on the internet about children and prayer and angels, Angels of Children was born. My first book titled Sarafina Teaches the Importance of Prayer was published by Author House Publishing on October 4, 2012. The illustrator for this book is Rachel Barkley.  I think that she did a wonderful job with the colorful pictures of this book.  This book is about a little angel named Sarafina who watches over the children of the world.  She likes to teach the children about the importance of prayer.  In this book, Sarafina helps a six-year old girl, Elizabeth, with many challenges her family was going through. The problems began after the death of her little brother. “My mommy and daddy argue a lot, and I am afraid they stopped loving each other.  I think they stopped caring about me too because they no longer spend time with me.  Why did God let this happen?”  Sarafina taught Elizabeth how to pray. “The same way you would talk to a friend.”  With Sarafina’s guidance, Elizabeth helps her family to go back to church.  How is Elizabeth ever to handle the turmoil?  Will God’s angel, Sarafina, be able to help?  Will Elizabeth and her family ever recover?  Read this heartfelt story to discover when and how Elizabeth’s family went astray.
About my Future Books:  This book series is my pride and joy.  I'm having a lot of fun creating them.  My second book called, Santino Teaches the Rewards of God's Unconditional Love, is completely written and I'm just waiting on the pictures to be painted.  My illustrator for this book is Alexandra McGinnis.  She is an excellent painter and the three pictures that she has finished is just beautiful. 
My third book titled, Magdalina Teaches the Healing Power of God, is a little over half written and needs pictures as well. I plan on working hard to get these books completely finished and published by the end of 2013.
I will be using this blog to keep you up to date on my books.  You can buy my first book at in the book store tab to the right of the screen. Once you click on the tab put K. S. Berni in the search engine space to the right and it will take you right to my book.  Right now you can buy my book in paperback and as e-books.  You can also buy my books on in paperback and e-book for the kindle.  I have just recently found my book only in paperback at barnes&  It is so exciting and so-real to see my books on the internet for sale.


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