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Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Reading At the Dennison Liabrary

I read my book, Sarafina Teaches the Importance of Prayer, in my new book series "Angels of Children"  for the first time at the Dennison Library to 3 children on 6/14/13. The reading went very well and the children had questions after the reading. They really liked my book and was asking questions about the next book. They were excited that I had donated two books to the library. I had John Dotto take more author pictures on location. I signed and donated 2 books to the library.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Book Signings 3 Week Ends in a Row

I have had a very interesting 3 weekends in a row. On the weekend of July 19 - 21st, I did book signings for St. Joseph Festival. I sold 7 signed books and made St. Joseph School $70. It was more successful than I had anticipated because there are a lot of people that doesn't know me. On the weekend of July 26 - 27th, I did book signings for St. Mary's Festival. LOL, I was joking around with father that I better sell more signed books than at St. Joseph's Festival because Immaculate Conception is my home church. I did. I sold 10 signed books and made St. Mary's School $100. I was so excited. On the weekend of August 3-5th, I did book signings for the Central Catholic Festival. I was so excited to see everyone from Central Catholic again. It's been 4 years since I had been there when my son Johnny graduated from there. I sold 11 books and made them $110. I was so happy that my books could contribute to the festivals. It was both exciting and scary to get the word out that I am an author and to see the reactions from close friends. Believe me, I still can't believe that I'm an author. But what was more exciting was getting reactions about how people like my book. All the festivals want me to come back next year. I will be taking the first book next year and the second book.